A Beautiful Moment on Cody Peak

The Grand Teton Peaking Out of the Clouds 12-15-2014

The Grand Teton Peaking Out of the Clouds 12-15-2014

All I wanted to do was “Ride the Tram, and Ski Bowl.” I have been skiing a lot in the backcountry lately, due to high pressure that has settled into Jackson for the last week. I was feeling like I needed to ski fast and get my legs in shape as opposed to hiking for powder. My friends had different plans. When I arrived at the tram dock with my Mantras (my Jackson Hole hard pack ski), the boys looked at me and said Jess go get your Shiros. We were going for a hike. When I reached the top of Cody Peak, I definitely didn’t regret our decision. The view of the Grand Teton poking out of the inversion was a view that you rarely see in Jackson Hole. It was breathe taking!

Only 9 Days Until the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Opens

It is that crazy time of year again in Jackson Hole when the temperatures drop below freezing and the snow begins to fall out of the sky.  There is a buzz of energy in the air.  Some locals are hustling to get the last bit of their firewood chopped and stacked and others are dusting off their ski and snowboard gear.

Somehow November flies by like a dream that I can almost recall.  It is vivid, but happens so fast that I can’t quite remember what happened.  The next thing I know, I am once again slipping my feet into ski boots, clicking into my bindings, and it is winter.